It’s SO Easy to Get Started!

Becoming a new GlyMed Plus retailer is simple, straightforward and supportive. We don’t believe in making it mandatory for you to take every single one of our products in your opening order, rather we will sit down and discuss your business needs one on one and come up with your Customized Opening Order. We determine the treatments you will offer to increase your Profit Center, provide you with the Marketing and Support tools you need to promote your new line and provide you with the Training required to gain the competitive edge in your industry.


When you open an account with GlyMed Plus Canada, we make sure that what you open with is what you need to ensure your success. Unlike other skin care companies who make large opening orders complete with every retail and professional SKU mandatory to carry their product, GlyMed Plus understands that the introduction of a new product line is a delicate process, and we want you to start your experience with GlyMed Plus profiting from the sale of products and treatments right from the get-go.

Customization is Key!

At GlyMed Plus Canada, we believe every business deserves a unique and personalized approach to ensure maximum success. Therefore, we base our customization of your Opening Order on these important Key Factors of Your Business....