Rosacea Awareness PODCAST

Caring for Rosacea brings many questions to mind. What’s causing it? Can it be cured? What kind of ingredients are most beneficial? We discussed the answers to these questions and bring to light other topics regarding Rosacea. Join us for our podcast below!!

Rosacea Triggers

Rosacea is a condition of the skin that affects 415 million people worldwide. There is currently no cure for Rosacea. The best way to care for rosacea is to address the symptoms. This infographic addresses some of the triggers to watch out for to keep rosacea under control.

Rosacea LIVE Q & A

Licensed Master Aestheticians Sarah Robbins & Tracey Kimball answer your questions on the most asked about skin condition - ROSACEA! Listen below to the audio recording of the LIVE Q&A session.

Rosacea and the Demodex Mite

Learn more about the demodex mite and how it affects those with Rosacea. Get fun facts and suggested treatments for your clients with this skin condition.

Rosacea and the Demodex Mite