Cannabidiol (CBD) PODCAST

This podcast brings to light certain aspects on what to look for when using Cannabidiol (CBD) in your practice.

CBD Natural Healer

This class will cover the aspects of one of the most diverse ingredients to use in the treatment room and in your client's home care—Cannabidiol, also known as CBD! There are many ways this unique ingredient can be used to care for the skin; from supporting your circadian rhythmn and working with the largest organ—the skin.

Benefits of CBD for the Skin

This infographic explains the unique tips of using Cannabidiol in your practice.

LIVE Q&A on Cannabidiol (CBD)

LIVE Q&A with Sarah & Tracey highlighting Cannabidiol and it's role in the esthetic industry

Cannabidiol—Not All CBD is Created Equal

Not all Cannabidiol is created equal! Understand certain aspects that are important to consider before using CBD in the treatment room.

CBD Anti-Aging Facial Protocol

Actively target discoloration, dark spots, and photo-damage with the innovative technology of powerful peptides, Vitamin C, CBD, and anti-oxidant packed nutrients. These ingredients will aid in leaving your skin brightened, refreshed, glowing and looking years younger!

Please note that the PDF for this Protocol can only be accessed by GlyMed Plus Professional Accounts.