Acne Vulgaris PODCAST

Acne is a long-term skin disease of the sebaceous glands. In this podcast learn specific information about what acne is, who is affected by it, the grades and categories, and how to care for it.

Ingredients for Adult Acne

Caring for Acne can be tricky business but this webinar will help to simplify this complex skin condition in order to conquer your fears, when in doubt. Contrary to popular belief, acne can be managed with key ingredients. Leave this webinar with an understanding of which ingredients are best suited for each grade and category of acne.

Salicylic Acid vs Benzoyl Peroxide

Not all acne is created equal. Each Grade and Category of acne should be treated differently. Learn which ingredients are beneficial for which type of acne. Conquer acne with the right products!

LIVE Q&A on Acne

Take the opportunity to get your questions on acne answered by Sarah & Tracey during the Live Q & A. We will answer questions that come in from you on our Social Media! Look forward to informative information on one of the trickiest conditions of the skin.

Excess Oil—Fuel to the Acne Flame

We know there are 3 main factors that contribute to Acne Vulgaris - but one specifically is the main contributor. Learn why excess sebum, from overactive sebaceous glands play a major role in this frustrating skin condition.

Teenage Acne Facial Protocol

Protect teens' skin from annoying breakouts caused by sweat and oil. This treatment will help reduce oils, remove dead skin cells, and kill acne-causing bacteria with safe, yet effective ingredients. Oxygen, Tea Tree Oil, Salicylic Acid, and replenishing lipids all work together to give your teen that Selfie-Ready Glow!

Please note that the PDF for this Protocol can only be accessed by GlyMed Plus Professional Accounts.

Acne Plan for Clear Skin

Home care is essential for caring for acne. 80% of results come from the clients commitment to their home care and remember consistency is key! Learn how to combat the factors of acne and understand which ingredients should be our focus for our client.